//Types of Handbag Leather

Types of Handbag Leather

Leather handbags are deemed top quality bags simply for the fact that they are made out of leather which can be considered a luxury product over textiles such as cotton and other fabrics. It is a common misconception that all leather products are automatically made of high-quality materials just because they contain leather though. There are many types of leather used in handbags and some are lower quality leather than others. It is important that you know the difference between the types of leather before you buy a handbag so you can make an informed decision and get the highest quality product for your money.

Most common types of leather used to make handbags 

Faux Leather
Faux leather is not really a type of leather but many items that are marked as leather are actually made out of faux leather. This is artificial leather which can often provide a luxurious appeal that makes it seem to be just as high quality as cowhide leather. If you are experienced with leather goods then you can easily tell the difference. If the leather has no deformities of any kind and does not have any creases then it is a good indicator that the item is made of faux leather. There are benefits to faux leather products as well though, some are very durable, can look better than the cowhide leather alternative, and they are more affordable. Also, if you are against animal use for goods then you do not have to worry about the animal’s skin being used for leather. As of today, Jany Mau sells only genuine leather products, but we are working on our high-quality PU leather Vegan collections to be released in Spring 2019.

Cowhide Leather
Cowhide leather is a type of leather which originates from cow skin (hide). There are many different products that include cowhide leather, such as furniture, car seats, and luxury fashion items. Cowhide leather is considered to be the highest quality type of leather and it is the best choice of leather when buying a purse or handbag. This type of leather is very durable and gives off a very luxurious appeal. The texture of the leather should be noticeable and you should be able to feel the roughness of it pretty easily. Most luxury fashion brands use top quality cowhide leather for their products. All of Jany Mau handbags are made of high-quality cowhide leather.

Lambskin Leather
Lambskin leather is a type of leather which originates from sheep. This particular type of leather is appealing due to the soft texture that it features. The major downfall with this type of leather is that it is not very durable and it can easily be torn or deformed. Lambskin leather is definitely not a good choice of material to be used for handbags; cowhide leather is a much better alternative.

Patch Leather
Patch leather may be composed of cowhide or lambskin leather. This type of leather is created with multiple smaller pieces of leather. It is much more affordable than other types of leather. This type of leather can also be as high in quality as any other type of cowhide leather. This is not a very common choice of material to use for handbags though.

The Different Types of Leather Grains

Full grain and top grain leather are the two highest quality choices of leather grains. Corrected grain, buckskin, patent, and split leather are some other options that are relatively common but they are not as high quality.

Full Grain Leather
Full grain style leather is a type of leather which features no separation of the top grain and split layers. Full grain leather comes from hides that have not been buffed, sanded, or modified to eliminate imperfections or deformities. This type of leather grain is very durable and breathable. This type of leather grain is often used in the highest quality of leather furniture and footwear.

Top Grain Leather
Top grain style leather is not the highest quality of leather grain but it is second best. This type of leather grain features separation of the split layer. This causes the leather to be thinner in comparison to full grain leather. The hide surface was buffed or sanded for this type of leather and a coating layer was applied. Top grain leather is made to be durable and stain resistant but it is not very breathable, which makes it perfect for handbags. Most of Jany Mau products are made of Top Grain Leather, we have only a small number of items made of split leather.